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Enduring Values and Excellence
16 - 21 May 2010

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Welcome to MetLib 2010 Conference!

You are invited to an international conference with a range of speakers from all around the world. More than 40 participants from over 25 countries around the world will take part in a conference to share stories and ideas.
Looking forward to seeing you in Zagreb!


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Programme and proceedings

                                                       Invitation (pdf)

Zagreb City Libraries are a modern and well-organized
network of public libraries. Central library is the City Library
of Zagreb, the oldest library in the network, founded in 1907. Thanks to its rich collections and wide range of services
it accomplishes its basic function, drawn in the Rules
of Procedure dated from 1908: „Zagreb City Library
is a free, public and modern library, founded and
settled for all citizens of Zagreb...“

Zagreb City Libraries is a network based on
traditional services as well as on modern information
and communication technology. They enable every
Zagreb City resident and membership card holder
to borrow books and other materials in each of the
42 libraries as well as at the 73 mobile library stations.

Since 1997 Zagreb City Libraries have been developing
the network information system ZaKi. Today it is
implemented in more than 150 libraries in Croatia.

In order to make information about its programs,
collections and resources available to the public
via Internet, Zagreb City Libraries have been developing
and maintaining the web site www.kgz.hr since 2001.


Dear friends,
I am looking forward very much to seeing you all in Zagreb
in May. Our colleagues from Zagreb City Libraries have developed a terrific and action packed program for us. There are many interesting presentations and also opportunities to experience the hospitality and sights of Zagreb and beyond.

The most important aspect of the Section you identified in the survey we did recently was networking with colleagues, and our mid year meeting ensures that happens.

See you in Zagreb in May!

Christine Mackenzie
Metropolitan Libraries Section


Dear colleagues, dear friends,
Our annual meetings at traditional conferences,
exchange of experiences and new knowledge have helped,
I believe, to all of us in our everyday work in different and distant parts of the world.

As of myself, those meetings have always been inspiration and impetus for development and innovation. Therefore I am very glad that I can invite you to the Zagreb conference, wishing you to visit Zagreb public libraries, to meet Croatian colleagues and to participate in new motivating debates.
Let the topics of our discussions be permanent tasks and new communicational possibilities of public libraries for the satisfaction of the users in our communities.

Welcome to Zagreb in May 2010.

Davorka Bastić,
Director of Zagreb City Libraries

On behalf of the citizens of Zagreb
and myself I am inviting you to IFLA MetLib
Section Conference which will take place
in May 2010.

I'm inviting you to Zagreb, a city of a thousand
year history, but a modern city as well,
the administrative, economic, cultural, traffic
and scientific centre of the Republic of Croatia.

I'm inviting you to Zagreb, a city of libraries.
Zagreb has National and University Library,
numerous faculty and school libraries, libraries
of cultural, educational and economic institutions
and Zagreb City Libraries - the largest network
of public libraries and largest cultural
institution in the Republic of Croatia which
you have entrusted with the organization
of your important conference.

Welcome to Zagreb - a city of libraries.

Milan Bandić,
the Mayor of Zagreb

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